The Rendezvous – Emotionally Connected Sherborne

There is some excellent mental health work taking place in our local schools but with negligible statutory support there are not enough resources to meet the demand. Over 50% of the work of the Rendezvous now focusses on the mental health needs of young people with referrals for support coming from GPs, CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service), health visitors and parents desperately seeking help for their children.

In the face of growing need, Emotionally Connected Sherborne puts children at the heart of a mental health project that directs support to where it is needed most in a bid to reduce the requirement for more intensive and expensive support at a later date.

The project presents a community-based approach to the work, developing partnerships between schools, the voluntary and health sector and building on work already successfully delivered by the Rendezvous in the Gryphon School and Sherborne Primary School.

Emotionally Connected Sherborne will deliver a range of structured interventions ranging from high needs counselling in primary schools (including the flexibility to provide support to cover the transition period between Year 6 and Year 7), group work targeting those beginning to display signs of anxiety and low self-esteem through whole school awareness and promotion of steps that can be taken to maintain good mental health.

The project will deliver:

  • Strand 1 – High needs counselling

160hrs of counselling for high need children in Sherborne and Abbey Primary Schools and the Gryphon School (around transition)

  • Strand 2 – Early intervention for identified need

Development and delivery of three bespoke 6-week gender specific self-esteem programmes for different age groups across three schools.  Resources will be developed and shared across the wider schools’ network

  • Strand 3 – Prevention – general mental health awareness

Activities to promote positive mental health across three schools, extending to the wider schools’ network

The project will run from September 2019 to July 2020 and involve Abbey Primary School, Sherborne Primary School, the Gryphon School and the Rendezvous and resources will be shared with the wider Sherborne Area Schools Trust.

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