I am writing to thank you very much for expressing your interest in sewing scrubs for the Yeatman Hospital.

We received more than 500 applications to sew for the Yeatman. Who would have thought a simple letter received from Chris Loder MP last Sunday morning sharing the need for scrubs and long-sleeved gowns would have generated well over 500 emails and phone calls within a week? To say our feet have not touched the ground is an understatement.

While this is great news it also brings its own set of challenges. Where do we start and how do we manage so many different volunteers? In simple terms we cant.

We have managed to secure 200 metres of fabric from a mill in Lancashire. This will only make 45 sets of scrubs and 20 gowns.  What we decided was to pick out the first 20 volunteers to start the process, and add more as we go along.

Unfortunately, you missed selection this time round. But all is not lost – further requests have come in from NHS staff for cotton Scrubs Bags, to be used to carry home dirty scrubs after a shift. Once home these cotton bags can be dropped directly into the washing machine thus reducing the likelihood of spreading any germs.

So we are asking, would you consider making some scrub bags?

If so, please refer to the attached pattern with detailed instructions.  Please remember the following:

  • Any kind of sturdy cotton fabric that you have that can be washed often at high temperatures.
  • Please finish off your seams as the bag must be sturdy.  French seams are the best.
  • The bags need to be at least 45cm x 45 cm so that the scrubs can go in and come out easily in the wash. A smaller bag will not work as well as we’re trying to minimize touching and maximize cleanliness.
  • You can use cord or twill tape.(Nylon is best so it doesn’t tangle) Please don’t use ribbon – it will fray and cannot hold up to the use and washing that is required. Whatever you use make sure it’s
      •  long enough to open the bag FULLY (this is important to get scrubs clean)
      •  easy to open and close
      •  will not tangle or fray.
  • Please wash them in hot water with soap. This is to make sure the dye is set and will not bleed all over their clothes. Not sure? Wash them again! (Sometimes vinegar can help set the dye.)

If you have time, a personal note from you, attached by a safety pin, thanking  the NHS staff for their dedication and courage during these difficult days. A little word of encouragement goes such a long way.

Completed scrub bags can be hand delivered to the Scrubs Basket in the porch of Sherborne Abbey Vicarage. (The big stone house set back off of the Abbey Green opposite the West end of the Abbey.)  or sent to

The Administrator
Friends of the Yeatman Hospital
Hospital Lane
Dorset DT9 3JU

Please DO NOT hand deliver them to the Yeatman Hospital. (The Hospital is currently closed except for staff and patients. Please help the staff by NOT going to the Yeatman.!!!)

Thank you so very much for expressing your willingness to support the staff and patients at this challenging time.

Kind Regards
Linsley Withers
Friends of the Yeatman Hospital


What kind of fabric can I use? 
We like pretty quilting cotton, but anything that is washable (in hot water and often) and sturdy will work.
Does it have to follow this pattern exactly? 
The edges MUST be finished and the bag MUST be sturdy. These will get a lot of use and need to hold up over time. You can surge the raw edges if you’d prefer or use a zig zag stitch, but the French seams are our favourite.  You may also adapt the casing to be a style that works for you.
Can I make it smaller to save fabric? 
No. The bags need to be at least 45cm x 45cm (or bigger) so that the scrubs can go in and come out easily in the wash. A smaller bag will not work as well as we’re trying to minimize touching and maximize cleanliness. EMS and other emergency workers have bulkier uniforms and need bags that are even larger.
Can I drop them off at my local hospital?
!  Please help the staff and patients by not going to the Yeatman.

Scrub Bag Pattern

Yeatman Hospital