Sainsbury’s Generous Donation

Following a busy 12 months of fund raising, and charitable giving by customers at Sainsbury’s store in Sherborne, we recently received a cheque in excess of £6,000.

12 months ago we were fortunate to become Sainsbury’s local charity of the year here in Sherborne.

During this period we have worked tirelessly with the staff to raise funds that will ultimately benefit the patients at Yeatman Hospital. It would be fair to say that Sainsbury’s staff here in Sherborne have been great friends to the Friends of Yeatman Hospital joining in with us in skittle evenings, many bag packing days and quiz nights across the year.

Jill Warburton, Vice-Chair of the Friends of Yeatman Hospital received the cheque from Anna Roberts, Sainsburys Public Relations Ambassadors for Sherborne, together with Liz Turnbull, Trustee of the Friends.

Thank you!