Our Treasurer will soon be retiring!

The Committee of the Friends are very sad that their Treasurer will be retiring early in 2018 after a period of meticulous service.  They are now seeking someone to inherit this important position.  Here are a few points to consider…

The power of voluntary input

We must all be thankful that the awesome undertaking of our founders in buying land, building the hospital, paying staff wages, providing staff accommodation, equipping the hospital, and maintaining the building, are now largely covered by the NHS, but we have to recognise that the substantial input from the Friends is paramount in augmenting the basic NHS provision.  Voluntary input has been a cornerstone of the hospital’s success since 1866 – long may this continue.

The recent NHS deliberations on future healthcare provision across Dorset resulted in a good prospect for the Yeatman, and it would be nice to feel that the strength of support from the Friends may perhaps have had some bearing on this outcome.

What might the Yeatman have to offer you or your family?

None of us know when we may need the Minor Injuries Unit, an X-ray, a variety of day surgery, a spell as an in-patient, treatment by the Stroke Service, a variety of therapy services, Mental Health services, or Community services, so a good contingency is for us all to work towards keeping these and many other facilities local.

The role to fill

Our Treasurer has a vital role to play in securing the best possible outcomes to benefit patients, their relatives, and staff.   Whilst a retired accountant may be ideal, an individual with business acumen and experience would be equally welcome, as would someone who loves working with figures.   It is a fulfilling role requiring certain commitment, but the current Treasurer has everything in impeccable order to ease his handover on retirement.

What can you do?

If you feel the Friends and the hospital are deserving of your voluntary endeavour and would like to find out more – (or know someone else who might) – please contact our Chairman David Hayes CBE by email to davidhayes1953@hotmail.com or on (mobile) 07715 292 065