Mental Health Initiatives

Chairman – David G Hayes CBE
The Yeatman Hospital , Hospital Lane, Sherborne, Dorset DT9 3JU

23 August 2019

Dear Friend,



We are all aware of the issues involving Mental Health amongst all ages, and the measures being taken to address these at the national level. To address such issues at the local level, your Executive Committee has considered options for The Friends to contribute towards this.

Since last May we have been looking at initiatives within the Yeatman and our local community. We believe that these ideas will be in the spirit of The Yeatman’s Out-Reach Strategy and Services.

Here are the details of our progress:

Funding Restrictions  

Our ability to contribute is based on:

FOYH Restricted Legacy Funds.  We hold funds donated for Mental Health initiatives, with an element exclusively for adults – some £3500. The remainder can be used more widely in the Mental Health arena up to a total in the region of £20,000. This conforms with our objectives, which is to fund health and social services initiatives within our Yeatman Community, both in and around Sherborne.

New FOYH £10,000 Commitment to The Yeatman Hospital. It is planned that the Older Persons’ Community Mental Health Team (CMHT) will move their clinics from Stewart Lodge into the Out Patients Department and their office space will move to the top corridor. The Adult CMHT would move out of Ashley Elm into the space created in Stewart Lodge. The creation of a more therapeutic environment is the priority, making a significant positive difference to the working environment of this patient group. We anticipate allocating £10,000 to this project.

New FOYH Community Project.  While our focus within The Yeatman has been on those adults requiring Mental Care, within the community we intend to focus on children.   We have been in discussion with The Rendezvous, Sherborne’s local youth charity, regarding ‘Emotionally Connected Sherborne’.This is its local community response to the growing Mental Health challenges within our local schools and community. There are three strands to their project:

  • Support – Providing support to those children with high needs where no other support is available.
  • Early Identification – Identifying early and supporting those who show signs of poor Mental Health.
  • Education – Raising awareness about positive Mental Health and how to promote it.

The Project will work with the three schools which have been involved in developing the format, Sherborne Abbey Primary, Sherborne Primary and The Gryphon School. Other schools in the local area will gain benefit through the sharing of the Project’s resources.  The attached Appendix provides details on the number of hours of counselling to be delivered and the number of children who will benefit.

Before committing FOYH funds towards this Project, we submitted to the Rendezvous a request for assurances on a number of areas including financial safeguards, measurements of success and continuity of purpose, for which we received sufficient reassurance to the satisfaction of your Executive Committee.

We are offering a one-off donation to the Rendezvous of £10,000 towards their project ‘Emotionally Connected Sherborne’. This donation matches the sum of money we intend to contribute to the Mental Health project within The Yeatman.  When our discussions are complete we shall provide you with further information including the posting of the full Project Proposal on our website.


We have Restricted Funds allocated to Mental Health through legacies. It is beholden upon us to ensure they are committed to activities, which meet the conditions upon which they were donated, in both a timely and effective manner. Your Executive Committee has researched and considered very thoroughly the most appropriate option to meet those conditions. Our plan is to simultaneously support The Yeatman’s own initiatives, while at a local community level, to make a contribution towards tackling the significant and increasing national Mental Health challenge through The Rendezvous’ Project  ‘Emotionally Committed Sherborne’.

Yours sincerely,

David Hayes

Appendix – Emotionally Connected Sherborne – Briefing Note.

Press Release 1 September 2019

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