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In 1948 the NHS was first introduced – the first free healthcare service for all citizens, in modern times in Europe /developed countries. In recognising the many challenges and shortfalls facing the new nationalised health service, the residents of Sherborne decided to help.

In 1951, three years after the founding of the NHS, The Friends of the Yeatman Hospital was founded. As a local charity, the founders agreed to support Sherborneu2019s established county hospital, the Yeatman. This still continues to this day seven decades later with a broader focus to support valued community healthcare initiatives. During its active history it has raised in excess of several million pounds and supported more than 300 different projects.

Like many other charities, the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital is dependent on the goodwill and financial support from both the public and businesses in and around Sherborne.

How the Friends work today: its aims, achievements, and vision across the many different pages on this website, including how to become a Friend, make a donation, become an active Corporate Friend and so much more.

Why not join us on our journey to improve the wellbeing of the staff and patients at the Yeatman Hospital and our family community in and around Sherborne.

Light a candle for those working in the NHS and emergency services

In appreciation and support of all those working in the NHS and emergency services fighting together to combat and remove the Coronavirus. Light your own candle to show support for our doctors, nurses, hospital and emergency service professionals.