Future Funding Proposal for Friends’ Consideration

At the recent meeting of our Friends’ Strategy Committee the future financial prospects of the Friends were discussed.

Legacies, donations and our overall fundraising success over the last few years have enabled the Friends to significantly improve facilities and services at the Yeatman. Those who have benefitted from significant care at the Yeatman, when it was truly a local cottage hospital, in particular donate legacies.

Notwithstanding this positive situation, as a Charity of substance we need to continually seek new and imaginative ways to generate and maintain a robust income.

To help sustain such a healthy income and thus continue to support the hospital at our current level, a proposal is to commission a business plan in order to research the value of establishing a ‘Friends of the Yeatman’ charity shop in Sherborne.

Beyond the income the shop could become a focus for the Friends’ activities while raising the general profile of our charity through having a visible presence in the Town.  It is appreciated that at ‘first glance’ another charity shop in Sherborne may not appeal: however, the opportunity to donate items to a local charity, rather than a national or international alternative, may persuade opinions.

The purpose of this note at this early stage is to seek Friends’ views on the viability of this idea. Your opinion will be valued, so please let our Committee know your initial reaction by email to:


We would be grateful for your views by Monday 13 August. Thank you!

David Hayes CBE

Yeatman Hospital