Our sound financial management enables us to help the NHS bring forward substantial projects to benefit our patients.

We garner our community’s support and spirit, both of which have been hallmarks since the founding of the Yeatman in 1866.

We produce an annual Newsletter, which we will feature on the website in the future.

If you are currently a member of the Friends, and would be happy simply to read the Newsletter on-line rather than have a copy hand-delivered, please let us know by clicking here.

We aim to foster due pride in the Yeatman and its wide-reaching services that benefit us all.

The Yeatman Hospital was founded in 1866 in memory of the late Harry Farr Yeatman.  Voluntary subscriptions paid for the purchase of the land, building costs, all equipment and amenities, staffing (including their training and accommodation), and maintenance. Wow!  Could our local community achieve all that today?

Yeatman Hospital