A BIG thank you to the following for your donations

The Friends of the Yeatman Hospital or “Friends” as we affectionately call it, as a local charity, has always been very fortunate to receive both large and small donations from individuals, small groups, churches and businesses.  The Pandemic severely affected our opportunities to hold fund raising events but, nevertheless, donations continued.  In the last two and a half years we have received donations in excess of £17,000. 

Friends making masks during the period of lock-down raised over £5,000 and individuals holding small events, such as garden parties and other social occasions  donated around £1,500. A sale of art work donated by a Friend raised almost £1,000.  It is wonderful to see the loyalty and commitment of our Friends.  One lady in the Town has for some time regularly sold small items placed on her garden wall and has raised around £1,500, which must equate to many small transactions when some items have cost 50p. Sincere thanks to all those individuals  who have raised  funds for us and to those who have contributed by attending events or have purchased goods from our Friends.

A number of local sporting groups have raised funds for the Friends.  These include the Blackmore Vale Lions, Communifit and the West End Bowling club.  Local schools, churches and businesses have continued to support us, such support including large donations from Hunts, the local Branch of the Rotary Club and Cheap Street Church, Christmas Tree Festival.

The Trustees appreciate all the support we receive and try to ensure that it is put to good use both in the Yeatman and in the wider local community.

Please find examples of some of your incredible DONATIONS below. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO DONATE!

Battens Trust Donation

Leading Sherborne Solicitors Battens, through their Charitable Trust, presented a cheque for £1500 to the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital with the simple request the funds were to be shared amongst all the staff at the Yeatman in recognition of their fight against Coronavirus. Read more →

Sainsbury’s Generous Donation

Following a busy 12 months of fund raising, and charitable giving by customers at Sainsbury’s store in Sherborne, we recently received a cheque in excess of £6,000. Read more →