Chairman David’s brief of the Headline Feedback meeting held on 14 June

Briefing Format

The briefing was delivered by Opinion Research Services (ORS) an independent analyst company.  The briefing was thorough and more mature than previous productions, consisting of a statistical analysis of the responses provided through the Questionnaire, Residential Surveys, Organisations with integral interests, and NHS Employees.   The full briefing pack can be viewed here, which provides for the Key Principles and Survey Analysis.


  • A&E Key Hospital and Paediatric Service Realignments – the surveys were generally in favour of the recommendations of the DCCG.
  • Hospital Hubs – The Surveys were in favour of the DCCG Proposals, except for some of those pertaining to N Dorset, specifically:
  • Blandford and Sherborne (Yeatman Hospital).  Hubs with Beds supported, however:
  • Shaftesbury.  No Beds – not supported, due mainly to an effective Save Our Beds Campaign mounted by the Shaftesbury Community.


We questioned the length of time taken by the Consultation with it attendant costs. A key factor is ensuring the rigour of the Consultation in order that it is not susceptible to a Judicial Review, the cost of which could be exorbitant and well in excess of the cost of the Consultation process.

Financial Plan

No such plan was described, and thus some scepticism remains over the credibility of the overall plans coming to fruition.


The DCCG Review Board will consider the results of the Consultation, for decisions to be announced not before Sep 17.

Yeatman Hospital