Virtual Valentine Press Release

At the beginning of February the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital offered members of the public the simple online opportunity to send greetings to all the staff at the Hospital, who responded with words of care and affection, bringing tears of joy to the eyes of the staff.

Friends of The Yeatman Hospital AGM Press Release

The 2020 Friends of Yeatman Hospital AGM “was a success”, said Chairman David Hayes…. “Normally we have between 30-40 attendees. This year we peaked at 35 on line registered attendees including Friends and members of the public. As it was our first online AGM for all of us we have to be pleased with the results”

Matron’s Farewell

Following the announcement this week of the promotion of Anne Hiscock, Matron of Yeatman Hospital, to a new post within Dorset HealthCare Trust, David Hayes, Chairman of the Friends of The Yeatman Hospital said;”Onbehalf of the Trustees, and all of the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital, I wish to express our grateful thanks and appreciation to Anne Hiscock for the support and commitment she has shown to the Friends during her time as Matron of the Yeatman Hospital.“We wish her well in her new post as the “Freedom to Speak UpGuardian” within Dorset HealthCare Trust. We know she will continue enjoy further success in her distinguished career.”