MIU to reopen

In response to the statement issued by Dorset Healthcare Trust, in which it confirmed reopening of the Minor Injuries Unit at the Yeatman Hospital in June this year, David Hayes, Chairman of the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital, commented.

Valentines wishes to the staff @ Yeatman Hospital

Valentines Wishes At the beginning of February the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital offered members of the public the simple online opportunity to send greetings to all the staff at the Hospital, who responded with words of care and affection, bringing tears of joy to the eyes of the staff. For the patients, the Friends […]

Friends of The Yeatman Hospital AGM Press Release

The 2020 Friends of Yeatman Hospital AGM “was a success”, said Chairman David Hayes…. “Normally we have between 30-40 attendees. This year we peaked at 35 on line registered attendees including Friends and members of the public. As it was our first online AGM for all of us we have to be pleased with the results”

AGM 2020

We have been busy during the last year working together to meet the numerous challenges due to the global crisis of COVD19 by supporting local campaigns, identifying both the problems and opportunities that COVID19 has presented.