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Car Boot Sale 5 May

Our Car Boot Sale took place on Sunday 5 May

at the Terrace Meadow, Sherborne.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Click on a pic to see a slideshow

We made £1,068.27 which is a record. Thanks to all the booters, customers and volunteers for making this successful event happen!

Bag Packing at Sainsburys

On 13 April a number of Friends helped the customers at Sainsburys pack their shopping.

Customers made voluntary contributions to the coin pots and we’ll issue the results as soon as possible.

The Friends of the Yeatman Hospital is Sainsburys’ Local Charity of the Year. We are very grateful!

Quiz Night 25 January

The Quiz Night had twenty teams competing (110 people participated). Tickets sold out within ten days of going on sale.

Brian King was the Quiz Master. There was a good selection of questions: hard enough but not impossible!
There was also an excellent bar run by Peter Neal and a nice selection of tasty cakes.

The raffle prizes were amazing. Click here to view them.
Amount raised will be posted here soon.

Have you heard about our PiP scheme?

PiP stands for Pound in the Pot, and the scheme has been earning funds for the Friends since 2013.

The process is very simple, and is used by anyone who would like to help the Friends, the only necessities being some goodwill, any collecting pot of your choice, an envelope, and some friends to join you.

Funds are raised by inviting your friends to pop a donation in your pot when they join you for any event, whether for lunch, coffee, a BBQ, a drinks party, a game of bridge/tennis/anything, or any other occasion.

PiP board with secure collection box

It is suggested that the contribution is seen as a gesture of goodwill to help the Friends in their ongoing support the Yeatman Hospital, and not as a measure of your kind hospitality.

The Friends ask you to kindly gather your collection in an envelope, and post it in the secure box attached to  our Pound in the Pot board.  This is located in Out-patient reception at the Yeatman.

More recently, the scheme has expanded to embrace an “Alternative Invitation”.  If you are happy to invite your guests to come empty-handed, but to make a donation to the Friends in lieu of any gift to you, (using the same collection system), then you would be offering “An Alternative Invitation”, thereby helping the Friends. This scheme also works well if you feel that you don’t need lots of Birthday presents! Whatever form of “Donations Do” you choose, your contributions will be most welcome.

The Friends are grateful to all, many anonymous, who have contributed to this scheme.   The total raised to July 2019 is £3,472 and will continue to run long-term.