An invitation to become a Corporate Friend

The award winning Yeatman Hospital fills a vital need in our community and the support of the Friends is increasingly necessary.

Earlier this year the Yeatman Hospital was awarded the first Gold Standard Foundation award in palliative care for end of life patients in the hospital’s Willows Ward by The Royal College of Nursing.

The main aims of the Friends are:

  • To work in support of the Yeatman Hospital and the health of the Community served by the hospital
  • To provide funds to support additional facilities and equipment to contribute to the efficient running of the hospital
  • To encourage and foster public support for the hospital

There are more than 1000 active Friends of The Yeatman Hospital working in and around Sherborne.

Since 1951 the Friends have raised substantial sums of money used in support of a wide range of important projects within the Yeatman Hospital. Here are a few examples.

  • Significant contributions to the building of the Stewart Wing and its later refurbishment and extension to form The Willows Ward, Stewart Lodge and the Minor Injury Unit
  • Extension and upgrade of the X-ray department
  • End of Life suites for seriously ill patients with facilities for their realtives
  • Mobile ECG Machine for nursing within the community
  • Complete upgrade and refurbishment of theDay Room, a Quiet Room and s staff rest room in the Willows
  • Helping to create, furnish and maintain three gardens and patio areas within in the hospital grounds
  • Provision of facilities and equipment for patients, including television and Wi-Fi, sun blinds, and furniture
  • Comfort enhancement for patients, including books, magazines & newspapers, flowers and pastoral care
  • Extensive provision of furniture and equipment to facilitate surgical and outpatient procedures, including the accommodation of the the Ophthalmology Department

To achieve this, The Friends rely on income from different sources within our community including annual subscriptions, fundraising events, legacies, donations and money given in memoriam.

If you would like to know more about the Friends of The Yeatman Hospital, or arrange to meet a Friend please visit our website at


The Friends of The Yeatman Hospital was formed in 1951 and is a registered charity which is monitored by the Charity Commission. There are four Executive Management meetings each year as well as an Annual General Meeting, which is open to all registered Friends.

10 Trustees are elected to the Executive Committee and serve for an initial term of three years. the officers elected to the Executive Committee include; Chariman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

In addition, there are a number of external advisors including the Matron of the Hospital and representatives from North Dorset Health Care, Sherborne GP Forum, Sherborne Town Council, Sherborne Patient Groups and the Friends Administrator.

As a result of sound financial management, the Friends retain a reserve to meet any new or unforeseen opportunities to support the hospital.

The Friends employs one part time administrator. Our ability to support The Yeatman Hospital, and related projects, is due entirely to volunteers at every stage of our operation, from collecting annual subscriptions from cash payers, to the Trustees who give of thier time unconditionally.

 Would you like to become a Corporate Friend?

You can become a Corporate Friend by paying an annual donation / subscription of at least £200, or by making a one-off payment for Corporate Life Membership of at least £2000, in one of the following ways:

  • Use the Standing Order form overleaf
  • Bank transfer using the BACS system
        • SORT CODE 40-41-23
        • ACCOUNT NUMBER 81085298

In addition, you and members of your staff can also assist us by:

  • Supporting or hosting fundraising events: Quiz nights, Open Gardens, In-Business Collections
  • Leaving a Legacy
  • Volunteering. If you or any member of your staff would like to volunteer please contact the Administrator, The Friends The Yeatman Hospital Sherborne DT9 3JU or visit

Each month we send out a short email with news and opportunities to all of our Corporate Friends. We do no disclose personal information to any third party. Please see the Privacy statement on our website.

As a Corporate Friend:
  • You will be able to use a new Corporate Logo which identifies you as part of our family on your premises, stationery, website and marketing, materials
  • You may benefit from discounted advertising rates in our newsletter
  • You may encourage your staff to work with us
  • You will be supporting the work of YOUR local hospital



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