Welcome to The 2020 Annual General Meeting


Agenda Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday November 16th at 6:00pm via Zoom.

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  1. Welcome by the Chairman (Mr David Hayes)
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of the Last Meeting
  4. Matters Arising
  5. Chairman’s Report (Mr David Hayes)
  6. Report by Matron (Mrs Helen Hunt)
  7. Report by Treasurer (Mr John Thompson)
  8. Resolved that the accounts adopted by the trustees be approved.
  9. Ratification of New Constitution
  10. Resolved that the current constitution of the Charity be deleted and replaced with the proposed new constitution circulated via the website and based on the most recent Charity Commission model.
  11. Appointment of Auditor / Independent Examiner
  12. Resolved that the reappointment of Milsted Langdon LLP by the trustees as independent examiner of the Charity’s annual report and accounts be approved.
  13. Election of Officers of the Executive Committee
    (a) Resolved that Mike Hatch be reappointed President of the Charity;
    (b) Resolved that David Hayes be reappointed Chair of the Charity;
    (c) Resolved that Jill Warburton be reappointed as Vice-Chair of the Charity;
    (d) Resolved that Elizabeth Turnbull be reappointed Secretary of the Charity;
    (e) Resolved that John Thompson be reappointed Treasurer of the Charity.
  14. Election of New Trustees
    (a) Resolved that Fiona Hartley be appointed a trustee of the Charity;
    (b) Resolved that Rebecca Tillin be appointed a trustee of the Charity.
  15. Questions from Friends
  16. Any Other Business
  17. Presentation to Mrs Celia Harvey


Minutes of 2020 AGM: Mins of the AGM 2020 Final

Chairman’s 2020 Report: Chairman’s Report AGM 2020

Treasurer’s 2020 Report: Accounts for AGM 2020


Friend’s Proposed Constitution:

For some time the trustees have wanted to amend the Friends’ constitution to distinguish more clearly the different roles of those who serve on the committee, and to take account of wider changes (for example, making payments electronically instead of by cheque) that have occurred since the early 1990s.

The Charity Commission’s model constitution for charities like ours has also been extensively revised and expanded since then. After much negotiating, we have its consent to move to the new model. The trustees will propose its adoption at the Annual General Meeting on September 30th and hope it will meet with members’ approval.

Proposed Constitution

New Trustee Profiles

Trustee – Fiona Hartley

Trustee – Rebecca Tillin

Minutes of the 2019 AGM

Mins of AGM 2019

Chairman’s Report 2019

Accounts for AGM 2019

Further Information

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