FOYH Weldmar

Emma has been the Weldmar Community Nurse for Sherborne since the end of 2019, but has worked for Weldmar for seven years. She previously held a number of nursing roles at our IPU in Dorchester, before leading a telehealth project to connect community patients to their nurses, which saw her more involved in the community team

Virtual Valentine Press Release

At the beginning of February the Friends of the Yeatman Hospital offered members of the public the simple online opportunity to send greetings to all the staff at the Hospital, who responded with words of care and affection, bringing tears of joy to the eyes of the staff.

Hospital Services Fully Operational BVM 5 February 2021

As reported in the January 22 edition of the New Blackmore Vale, the Minor Injuries Unit (MIU) at the Yeatman Hospital in Sherborne remains closed, a decission taken by Dorset Health Care Trust to manage the impact of covid-19.
However, we world like to clarify and reassure readers that the Yeatman Hospital remains open and all services provided by the hospital are fully operational.