• The Grove Medical Centre opens its doors to patients today
  • A new look and approach to providing patient healthcare in Sherborne.

As of July 1, 2019,  The Grove Medical Centre opened its doors for the first time and welcomed its first patients.

Previously the Newlands and Bute House surgeries, The Grove’s 60 staff of doctors, nurses, dispensary chemists, patient services and administration teams have completed the merger of both practices to deliver excellence and expanded clinical services to its 12,500 reregistered patients.

Dr Rob Childs, senior partner commented;

 “ Our primary focus and objectives remain unaltered, which are to provide the best clinical services to all of our patients. To achieve what is best for the patient, we have to adapt and use the best clinicians and communication skills in the practice.

 “The merger allows this new Sherborne practice to meet the ever-demanding challenges of today’s primary care within the NHS. The reality is many of the traditional practices and patient expectations built around the “personal connection” with “your GP” are things of the past.

“ The NHS of today, and of the future, is focused on how best can we improve patient care and who within the clinical practice is best suited to treat the patient. It is no longer about an historic and sometimes invisible relationship.

“At The Grove we are fortunate to have 8 highly qualified doctors, each with a wealth of experience and clinical interests. Similarly, our 2 Advanced Nurse Practitioners and 11 Practice Nurses, 7 dispensers and 15 Healthcare Assistants bring their own skills and disciplines to the practice. In fact, we wish to increase our staff members and a new GP, Dr Nick Berry, will be joining us in September.  We are also recruiting new staff for our patient services and administration teams. Ask at reception for information.

“We all recognise that a number of our patients may have worries regarding some of the changes we are introducing. This is natural and expected. However all of our patients can be sure we are committed to providing them with the best clinical care available.”

The Grove’s Managing Partner – Alex Kimber continued;

“One of the new services is the introduction of a fully trained Patient Services Team. These staff members will be the patient’s first point of contact in the practice. The role of this team is to gather information about the patient’s needs.  We can reassure patients they are not looking for or wanting the detail of the issue, just enough to enable them to guide to the most appropriate member of the team.”

Another new services to be introduced at The Grove Medical Centre is a new online patient service, eConsult is the first step in our approach to online consultation. This allows those patients who have a non-urgent need or query, the ability to find reliable advice and information about their issue or communicate directly with the clinical team online who will respond within 48 hours by email or telephone with advice or next steps. More information can be found on our website www.thegrovemedcentre.co.uk


  • Bute House and Newlands General Practices to merge in July 2019
  • Improved patient care and career opportunities
  • No job losses

Bute House and Newland Surgeries in Wootton Grove in Sherborne will merge together to form a single practice on the 1st July 2019. The new practice will be called “The Grove Medical Centre”.

All the currently employed clinical and support staff will be retained by the practice. The new practice will serve a population of over 12000 patients living in Sherborne and surrounding areas.

Both practices have invited questions about the merger, from their respective Patient Participation Groups. These frequently asked questions will cover the main areas of interest and concern about the merger and will be available on line and in each surgery.

Dr Rob Childs who will be the senior partner of The Grove Medical Centre commented:

“We have been very fortunate in and around Sherborne, with the help and expertise of our excellent staff, to provide what is some of the most highly rated primary care, not only in Dorset but in all of England. However, we need to plan for the future and ensure we meet the growing challenges of an aging population and also meet the considerable difficulties in recruiting and retaining healthcare staff. The benefits of merger will allow us to adapt,deliver and respond to the challenges ahead. The Grove Medical Centre willbecome a more attractive place to work and ensure we are resilient andself-sustaining and can continue to provide excellent healthcare to ourpatients.”

Dr Christine Foster of Newland Surgery added;

“I am very excited about the merger and think it will deliver first class care for our patients in a new and dynamic surgery. “It is essential that we retain a robust and vibrant General Practice for years to come in Sherborne and its surrounding area.

“We have a growing and aging population. People are living longer with more chronic conditions and illnesses that place different demands on the resources that we have. There will be new ideas and different staff to help the new surgery deliver this care. I feel reassured about the future of both surgeries, for our patients and staff.  I would ask all our patients to please support this merger and help us to make it a great practice for your care. “

It is recognised across England that there is a shortage of doctors, nurses and experienced staff. Many communities have seen their GP practice close due to inability to recruit or because of ever increasing and unsustainable workload.

Dr Childs continued;

“It is essential that Sherborne retains a robust and vibrant General Practice for years to come. So, it makes sense at this time, to prepare for the future by working together as patients, doctors, nurses and support staff. Sherborne and its surrounding area have a growing and aging population. People are living longer with more chronic conditions and illnesses that place increasing demands on the resources that we have. The merged practice will be more resilient to meet these growing demands.”

The newly merged practice will be located in its existing premises in Wootton Grove Sherborne. Technical matters, such as phone numbers and online services will be updated to incorporate both surgeries.